Project: Netlabs Open Source Archive

The sourcecode of some important projects is stored in a CVS server. This provides easy access to the sourcecode and makes it possible for more developers to work on the same project without big troubles.

For providing a CVS archive as well as for accessing it, you need the Concurrent Versions System (CVS). However, using it is somewhat complex and you have to read quite some docs in order to be able to use it. Moreover, if you intend to provide a CVS Archive on an OS/2 or eComStation System, you have to implement additional code in order to have your archive secured, as filesystem security here is different compared to the Unix platforms where CVS was ported from.

Therefore Team OS/2 Germany created the NOSA packages, which provides an easy to use interface to our CVS Server, so that by clicking on some icons you can already download the soruce of a given archive. And it gives you access to the same code that uses to easily setup and secure its own CVS archives.

The NOSA Client

The client package will both help you with the installation and usage of CVS and does not force you to learn half of a dozen of commands with parameters for usage on the command line, just to download and view some code.

Nevertheless this package only can aid to a certain extend, so that for some more complex operations it is still required to know CVS very well and to use the command line. however, for the few things, that a beginner requires, and even for most of the operations, that a developer will need for modifications in the archive (requiring write permissions, of course), the Open Source Archive Client folder and its objects will be sufficient.

The NOSA Administrator

This package contains all required procedures, that the maintainer uses to setup and secure the Open Source Archives. It can as well be used to setup and secure a CVS archive on any OS/2 or eComStation system. The following is a list of tasks that the Administrator package can perform for you:
  • create a new archive
  • import existing sources out of a zip file - with one single command
  • add keyword lines to all source files
  • secure the new archive by protecting it from unwanted write access down to directory level - this is otherwise not supported on the OS/2 or eComStation platform just with plain CVS!
  • setup the TCP/IP configuration, and especially the CVS services automatically
  • turn a public archvie into a private one, and vice versa
  • create backups
  • create snapshots of the archive
  • create a changelog of the changes being committed to the archive



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